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  • Thomas W. Center, D.M.D.
  • Rick D. Nichols, D.D.S.
  • David K. Gray, D.D.S.
  • Corey C. Nichols, D.D.S.
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Rina Lewis-Office Manager

Rina is the Smile Center’s office manager and her duties include almost everything! She takes care of  payroll, accounts payable, hiring, as well as fixing flowers and decorating the office. She tries to make sure the office runs smoothly. Over her 21 years at the Smile Center she has gotten to know most of the patients and considers many of them friends, she enjoys catching up with long time patients and getting to know the new patients!  She cannot imagine working anywhere else and considers herself extremely lucky to have found a job where she feels like family and where everyone works to compliment each other and do their job well.  One of her not so well kept secrets is that she can get anyone in the office to do anything she asks by making them her special dessert, “Death by Chocolate!” Her biggest reward is to see a patient leave the office with a smile on their face!

Rina has been married to Scott for 23 years and has two children, Macy and Easton.Three dogs, Bo, Angel and Dallas complete their family. She is a huge football fan, especially the Razorbacks and Dallas Cowboys.She enjoys scrapbooking, craft/painting projects, and sewing but her real hobby is shopping, especially  for SHOES!  She spends her free time by the pool and loves spending time with friends and family. 


Judy  - Hygienist Assistant

You can't help but love the Smile Center! I help the Hygienists care for their patients. We offer the best treatment possible and hope that everyone leaves with a smile on their face.


Chasity, RDA - Dental Assistant

I have been part of the Smile Center team for 8 years. We are all a family here and I think we try to show our patients the same courtesy. We take pride in providing patients with a beautiful healthy smile. 


Lauren , Receptionist/RDA

Because we all feel like family , we put our patients first here just like we would if they were our family. We try to take time to listen and care for every patient we see and do the best quality work.


Natalie- RDA

I would encourage people to come to the Smile Center because we have a great staff that will take care of you! It's a great place for the whole family to come, we can take care of all your dental needs. 


Brenda – Receptionist/RDA

I think we are special because from the moment you walk in the door we try to make you feel at home, we also offer late hours  that are convenient. We have a great team that cares about our patients and their needs. 


Maria, RDA

I would recommend the Smile Center because our staff not only cares for our patients but our fellow employees and treats everyone like family. We respect our patients and offer them quality care.  


Lindsay, RDA

We all take pride in our jobs here as well as have fun together! We make our patients feel at ease and make sure that everyone has the utmost care. 


Cindy – Receptionist

We try our best to spoil our patients by going "above and beyond" to meet their needs. We are usually on time and take care to make their visit comfortable. 


Monica  – Receptionist

We care about our patients, and we try to show that by our service and honesty. We hope everyone leaves here with a smile!


Jessica- Insurance

We have a friendly and professional staff who will take the time to talk about (and if needed translate) the best treatment and out of pocket costs for our patients. 


Judy C. – Business Manager

We truly feel that our patients are like family and try our best to do what's best for them, by customizing treatment, giving estimates and offering convenient hours. 


Robbie  – Treatment Coordinator

We view ourselves as family and I believe that we carry that family awareness towards our patients which makes us more compassionate. We want patients to feel we have treated them with compassion, professional and family attitude. 


Gina Shadowens, RDH

Gina is one of the Smile Center’s hygienists whose duties include dental checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene instructions, sealants, and gum treatment. She also administers N20 and local anesthetics. Gina enjoys the personal relationship she has with her patients who know that if they need anything or have any questions they can call her anytime. She loves working at the Smile Center where she has been on staff for over 20 years, they are a part of her extended family.

Gina has been married to Joe for 27 years and has two children and two cats. She spends her free time with the kids and their school activities and is very involved with her church.


Sherry Ruth, RDH

Along with the rest of our hygiene team, Sherry looks forward to working with our patients each day and helping them to improve all aspects of their oral health. She’s been a member of the Smile Center team since 1995 and has truly made a home for herself here. Getting to talk with our patients is Sherry’s favorite thing to do, although working with Dr. Center is a close second. She’s known him for over 35 years!

Sherry has a very active five year old son, Jackson, who likes karate and playing t-ball. In her spare time, she volunteers with meals on wheels and plays tennis, paints and sews.


Kellie Miller, RDH

Kellie has been a patient of Dr. Center’s since she was 10 years old! As one of the Smile Center’s hygienists, her duties include dental checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene instructions, sealants, gum treatments, and more. She enjoys getting to know each one of her patients, helping them feel comfortable, and restoring them back to health after dental complications. Over her 22 years at the Smile Center she has made many friends and has watched many of her patients grow up. She loves coming to work as the entire staff is extremely supportive and caring.

Kellie has been married for 22 years to Andrew and has three daughters and a beagle named Lilly. She enjoys attending her daughters’ sporting activities, playing tennis, and is a Razorback and Pittsburgh Gorilla fan.


Ondie Beavers, RDH

Ondie is a hygienist whose responsibilities include x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene instructions, sealants, and any needed guml treatments. She feels that forming a relationship with her patients is the most important aspect of her job, as trust is the key to success of each treatment. She loves coming to the Smile Center and claims that she’s never had the opportunity to work with doctors that apply so little stress to her day, which is filled with laughter and fun.

Ondie has been married to Joe for 39 years and together they have two sons and one granddaughter. She is an avid football fan (OU especially) and enjoys horses, gardening, and reading.


Dena Acord, RDH

As one of our friendly and knowledgeable hygienists, Dena has years of experience making sure our patients have impeccable oral health. She started working here in 1988, shortly after joining the dental field. Over the years, Dena has really gotten to know our patients like family. She enjoys catching up on their lives and helping them to maintain good oral health. Dena is proud to work with the doctors and everyone on the team at the Smile Center.

Dena has been married 25 years to a wonderful man named Robert. They have three daughters, one in college at John Brown University, and two at Shiloh Christian. Some of her hobbies include scrapbooking, reading, and running her children to sporting activities.

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